Kisii County deputy Governor criticised by Kisii politicians


Joash Maangi Kisii county deputy Governor.

Kisii  deputy governor posted pictures on his Facebook wall claiming he and together with other politicians are coming together to unite Kisii people so as to speak with one voice.This did not go well with other politicians who were quick to dismiss his saying he is just a jubilee fanatic who is looking for a way to exploit Kisii people


. Maangi wrote

Today i joined fellow Kisii leaders for lunch where among other issues we discussed unity of the Kisii Community. Those present were Senator Chris Obure, Hon. Moindi , Hon. Jimmy Angwenyi, Hon. Richard Tongi, Hon. Joel Onyancha, Hon. Stephen Manoti , Senator Ochwangi, Hon. Onyonka, Mr Josephat Abuga and Charles Nyachae . The time to unite and speak with one voice as we seek development for our people is now not tomorrow”.
Also on the spot is Politician Caleb Simba who quickly dismissed Maangi saying he is looking for a was to auction Kisii but not bringing unity. In his Facebook account he wrote a long response highlighting what he felt you be done. ”


Author: mogesi

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