Wahome Thuku pens a tribute to outgoing CJ Willy Mutunga


High Court advocate Wahome Thuku

Many people have written and sent hundreds of tributes to the outgoing Justice of Kenya Willy Mutunga, Wahome Thuku an advocate at the high Court was a mong the many who wished the CJ well and thanked him for his services and transformation in the Judiciary. Through his Facebook wall he expressed in that the CJ has done great and bowed out a clean man compared to many who retire with a lot of scandals among them corruption. Here is what he said.
FOR Dr. Willy Mutunga.
My Lord the Chief Justice, congratulations for this far that you have brought the judiciary since 2011. The difference you have made can only be felt and understood by those who regularly use the courts and those who were there before your tenure. Like a seed on rich soils, the results will only be known much later.
Notably, the only things we can point out are your errors of omission (your failures to do this or the other) and absolutely nothing about your errors of commission.
No leader on earth has ever left office without failures of one kind or the other. And more often than not, the failures are a contribution of other subordinate individuals along the system or totally unavoidable.
MY LORD, when others before you and during your term have been hounded out of the judiciary for corruptly enriching themselves at the cost of justice and rule of law, you leave the institution a clean man, with a clean conscience, a head held high and as humble as you walked in. No one can point a finger at you and say you ate this much…no one. That is why you stand on a moral pedestal when you correct and rebuke others for corruption. There certainly cant be many such Kenyan leaders in our modern times when everyone wants to exit richer than they entered.
You have done your part the best way you could My Lord, its for others to keep that benchmark or do better.
Best of wishes in your future endeavors and God bless.


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