MP Timothy Bosire: The government wanted to kill us.


Kitutu Masaba MP Timothy Bosire at Milimani Law Courts

According to the article published on the Kenyan standard news paper,Kitutu Masaba MP has faulted the government saying it wanted to kill them. Read
I was arrested in the morning and detained. In the evening, I got locked up in a dark and cold room. It took me 28 hours to get drinking water.
The six of us were locked up in a 7 by 10 feet room and that is where we were expected to sleep, take our food and even go for short and long calls. The room was stinking and the conditions dehumanising to say the least. We are still at a loss why they subjected us to such a torturous situation.
It took us 24 hours to get solid food, and when we did, it was unpalatable. No MP was allowed to take any medication, despite the fact that four of us – I included – were on medication.
I think the intention of the government was to kill us. Just how, in the era of this new Constitution can you hold a Kenyan in a dark room and go ahead to deny them basic rights, including clean drinking water and medicine? Despite the sorry conditions, we co-existed and had a close relationship with our Jubilee counterparts.


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