Political class is completely out of touch with the sorry state our country – Hon Jim Bonnie


Digital Media Strategist,
Political Analyst,Writer Hon.Jim Bonnie courtesy Facebook.

Hon.Jim shared a breath taking article in his facebook account and its worth sharing.He wrote

“Both Suna East MP, Hon. Junet Mohamed and Gatundu South MP, Hon Moses Kuria, have written wonderful pieces narrating their ordeal at Pangani police cell.
Reading the two articles, you get the feeling that the political class is completely out of touch with the sorry state our country is in.
The pangani six seems to have been rudely shocked by the filthy state of the facility upon being incarcerated in cell 4. But more importantly, it’s amazing how they easily bonded during their four-day holiday at Pangani. Junet tells how they used one phone to communicate to their spouses and CORD leaders, a phone they jointly contributed to buy with money they hid in their undies. But more importantly, they pooed and peed in one bucket, offloading it’s contents in turn.Kuria States that they elected Hon. Johnstone Muthama their leader while he deputised him. There was no jubilee or cord and no one contested the outcome of their elections. As they did this, we, their gullible supporters, we’re tearing each other apart.They also instructed their lawyers to merge and handle the case as one, led by Senator Orengo and Khaminwa. The Jubilee inmates couldn’t reach their leader on the kabambe, they were given blackout.When CORD leaders visited Pangani, the six inmates unanimously resolved that the cord leaders would either see all of them (jubilee & cord inmates) or none at all. In the end, Kuria apologized to Agwambo through the kabambe while in cell 4 and Agwambo invited him for fish at Opoda farm, a meal to be cooked by Nyar Gem, mama Ida. Kuria has requested Jakom to remind nyar Gem to put osuga, his favorite veges, in the mix.
Looking at their experience and how four days behind bars reformed Pangani six, I’m tempted to wish that perhaps all our politicians should be arrested and locked up in industrial area remand prison for a month.
The vultures would come out angels and this country will be a better place. Did you expect them to fight in prison the way they make their supporters do? They’re not fools.Maybe this is what this country was waiting for to accomplish reconciliation. Kuria should go eat fish at Opoda, and all the Pangani six should be there. They should then proceed to Gatundu South and eat waru and cabbage prepared by Kuria’s wife.
After Kiambu, junet should host them in Migori and serve them fish and milk from Nyatike, Bosire should do so in Kisii and serve them matoke. Florence Mutua should play host in Busia and ensure engokho is in plenty. Waititu should add waru in the menu in Kabete.Then mwendo ielekee Kilifi where Aisha Jumwa would serve pilau biriani na mnazi. Muthama should host the delegation in Machakos and ensure mothokoi is in plenty. Kimani Ngunjiri to host them in Nakuru, I was shocked to learn that his CDF Secretary is a Luo.
Finally, the Pangani six should hold a public rally at Uhuru Park where Raila and Uhuru are the chief guests to tell the country and their supporters that this country can be as good as we want it if wananchi stop following politicians blindly.And to my friends, hii ni siasa. Tuwe wajanja. If your in cord and you defend Jakom with silly emotions ni kama yeye ni baba yako, look, he has invited Kuria who wanted him assassinated to go eat fish.If you’re jubilee and you religiously defend Uhuru and abuse others as you cheer Kuria for calling for Raila’s assassination, see he’s going to Opoda, to celebrate forgiveness.Kindly share photos of Kuria visiting Opoda. Don’t give him and baba blackout out of jealousy.Ahsante”


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