My encounter with Ababu Namwamba -politician Caleb Simba


Photo :Politician Caleb Simba courtesy facebook

My encounter with Ababu Namwamba and the reason why I don’t admire him as a leader :
The closer I have come to Ababu Namwamba the know it all Uganda born UoN trained lawyer was during ODM Party elections. I was a member of Team Fresh campaign that brought together:
Ali Hassan Joho – Deputy party leader.
Simon Ogari
Adan Keynan
Joseph Nanok
Joseph Nkaissery
Amason Kingi
Rosa Buyu among other key party leaders.The youth brigade was led by:
Paul Adede
Charles Mark Onguko
Mercy Maina
Governess sherry
Flora blacks
Benson Sewe Otieno
Jannet Sammy
Maurice Okwany
Among others.
We traveled across the Country meeting party delegates and loyalists selling Team Fresh agenda. We were a happy group passionately selling out ODM to both converted and non – converted lot.Ababu’s behavior started changing slowly as campaigns gained momentum across the Country. As our popularity was increasing and steadily growing Ababu’s behavior changed from the calm,composed, ODM loyalist he was to an arrogant member of Muturi Assembly.He started intimidating team members. He started humiliating them on stage before loyal party supporters. He never wanted anyone of them to speak except himself.By the time we were coming to our last meeting in Nairobi Ababu had fallen our with half of our team players because of outright intimidation, chest thumping and arrogance.
It’s this character that largely resulted to the emergency of MIB.
However after lobbying and close consultations that later gave him SG Ababu Namwamba instead of consolidating loyal party supporters and foster change in the party he instead opted for supremacy battle, gymnastics and his usual chest thumbing characterized by thuggery like arrogance.Supporters perceived him like one who’s out to finish ODM instead of making it strong.
He was seen severally attending his own meetings with a well selected team. He was always missing from major party activities, whenever asked Ababu Namwamba had an excuse…….
Ababu Namwamba was always against key CORD Western leaders caucus, he never wanted to see Bonnie Khalwale, Moses Wetangula and Dr Eseli Simiyu. He was always against anybody calling for ODM merger with FORD Kenya. Ababu Namwamba always wanted to be alone. He wanted to be a lone Ranger.When party supporters came out questioning his absence from the party and his wavering support instead of coming out soberly to address his supporters he went ahead to insult Raila Odinga through the wife and later the PA. To us insulting Raila Odinga is like taking a bullet on our life. Our response will obviously be unimaginable, and those watching that’s exactly what’s happening.Now if Ababu Namwamba is that National leader he claims to be he shouldn’t have gone to hide under Luyha name to speak out yesterday. Great leaders never hide behind tribes in moments of crisis. They boldly come out as Nationalists,and States men.Finally as Ababu walks out of ODM I’ll wish to remind him that he will live to regret an opportunity he has decided to let go.Kwaheri ya kuonana bwana Namwamba.


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