Who is Budalang’i MP and ODM secretary general? Edwin Shifuna


Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba

Ababu Namwamba has been criticised as an “absentee” ODM leader whose “heart is not in it”, following his complaint of frustration.ODM professional Edwin Sifuna said Ababu, who is Budalang’i MP and ODM secretary general, should be told “in clear terms” that a leadership that does not exist cannot be undermined.
Sifuna, a lawyer, told a press conference in Nairobi on Thursday that it is time for Ababu to leave the party.”Finally, we want to remind Ababu that he is not the only Kenyan facing frustrations in life,” said Sifuna, who chaired the defunct ODM dispute resolution panel.
He said they also wake up every day to confront a “web of inequity, tribalism and corruption spurn by the Jubilee regime in a scheme to perpetually keep us in poverty”.
Sifuna said the situation is not ideal but that they do not “cry for trophies or recognition merely for being tolerated” He had missed key Cord events including those surrounding the death of controversial businessman Jacob Juma and demonstrations against the IEBC.Sifuna said electoral reforms are key if ODM is to rise to leadership. “Yet Ababu because of his flirtation with Jubilee, does not see the need to push for reforms,” he said. Sifuna said Luhyia men do not hide behind generalities and euphemisms like “party leadership” or “western MPs”.
He was referring to a press conference held by eight ODM MPs from Western who claimed forces within the party were bullying, frustrating and wrongly profiling them.”From childhood we are taught to single out the source of frustration in any situation and deal with that source mundu khu mundu (man to man),” he said.


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