Politician condemns Itierio boys dorm fire:


Caleb simba photo Facebook.

Kisii politician Simba has joined many others in condemning and calling for the investigation to Itierio Boys dorms  fire.

I was woken up by the sad news of Iterio boys tragedy. The tragedy to us the general public was shocking and devastating majorly because :
1) What led to the tragedy.
2) The damage inflicted.
Strikes to are never ways of expressing one’s dissatisfaction rather a crude and archaic behavior that doesn’t have space in a free society.
We have well documented ways by and large of expressing one’s displeasure and therefore it’s good that such channels be followed.
I believe that authorities must put this matter to rest by investigating and bringing the culprits into book. Justice must be done and the cause of the strike must be made public. Perpetrators brought to book either from within and without.
All said and done I cannot conclude my remarks without answering those accusing Government fire fighting department for not acting swiftly.
1) Fire fighters never come late rather it’s the information that gets to fire fighters late.
2) The fact that the properties were being destroyed and vandalized by the very people who consume them in the facility that itself affirms the rigidness and delay in passing the info.
Government and the department of fire fighters is by and large not to blame rather the institution and it’s environs of:
1) Lack of intelligence to curb such insurgents.
2) Failure to alert the fire fighting department.


Author: mogesi

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