Three family members mauled by hyena in Tana North, three goats killed.


Three members of one family from Koraj, Madogo ward, Tana North Sub-county County on Sunday morning escaped death by a whisker after they were attacked by a marauding hyena.
The three who included two young boys and an elderly woman were asleep when they heard commotion emanating from their goats shed at around 3.00 am.
One of the boys Ali Kassin who was the first to get out was injured in the head when the hyena jumped on him.
The hyena had already killed 3 goats.
His screams attracted his younger brother Mahat Adow who came to his rescue but was also attacked and had his ear chopped off.
60-year-old Makah Sugal was knocked down but villagers who responded to their screams had arrived, scaring off the animal.
It disappeared into nearby bushes.
“If villagers delayed a little bit longer, the hyena could have killed us. I have sustained serious injuries on my hands”, she said.
According to hospital’s nurse in charge, Hassan Mohamed the patients are in stable condition and out of danger.


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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