Uhuru’s State Corporation appointments is a political gimmick – ODM leader Hon.Raila Odinga.


Hon. Raila Odinga : photo the Star

Cord leader Raila Odinga has criticized President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State Corporation appointments that he made on Friday, terming them a political strategy by Jubilee ahead of next year’s general election.Speaking in Kilifi on Saturday, Odinga said the move is purely a public gimmick aimed at hoodwinking Kenyans to support Jubilee which he accused of failing to deliver on its pre 2013 campaign pledges. “So now they are giving appointments to old retired men. There is nothing there. It is like feeding bones to a dog to stop it from barking,” Raila said. The former Prime Minister termed the appointments as inconsequential and accused the President of using them as a tactic to make inroads in Cord strongholds especially at the Coast region.
“It is like when you want to make a meal of chicken, you start by throwing pieces of maize at it while all the while, you know water is boiling,” he said. Raila however said that despite the appointments, the Coast region will still remain a Cord stronghold.


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