Four Al shabaab millitants killed by KDF in Lamu


Alshaab militants in a parade

Four militants were yesterday killed when a group of al Shabaab terrorists tried to attack a Kenya Defence Forces camp in Lamu County.A KDF soldier was injured in the incident that happened in Milimani area, near Baure within Lamu County.The terrorists were being pursued after they conducted a probing attack on a KDF camp in Mangai area Tuesday evening, still within the county.KDF Spokesperson Col David Obonyo said the soldiers recovered a Rocket Propelled Grenade, four AK 47 rifles and one Improvised Explosive Device. “The Kenya Defence Forces wishes to assure the public that operations against al Shabaab will continue, until all the terrorists are eliminated, to ensure that the locals continues to enjoy peace and security,” he assured. One soldier was injured during the incident and is currently receiving medical attention, said Obonyo.
The officers are stationed within the County under Operation Linda Boni Forest.The expansive forest is being used as a hideout by terrorists who severally launched attacks against the locals, mostly targeting non-Muslims.The terror group has been launching attacks in the area killing and injuring many. This is because the area is near the Somalia-Kenyan border which has many of them.


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