I will vie for presidency 2022 -Mombasa governor Hassan Joho.

Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho
Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho yesterday said he is determined to contest the presidency in 2022.

“It is not a joke. You will be shocked when we achieve the ultimate price,” said Mr Joho, who described himself as “a survivor”.He said in spite of alleged sabotage and low financial allocation, his county administration had made improvements in the health and road sectors since 2013, adding that he had also negotiated international donor support for some national infrastructure projects in Mombasa.

“I am a story to tell if you look at my background. There is no roadblock to whatever you want to achieve,” said Joho, adding that he will never succumb to insults and pressure by opponents.

Joho’s allies supported his ambition and accused his opponents of launching a propaganda campaign against him.Kisauni MP Rashid Bedzimba said Joho was capable of becoming president.Mombasa Woman Representative Mishi Mboko described Joho as selfless leader.Mvita MP Abdulsamad Nassir also faulted the local leaders for engaging in a smear compaign against Joho.


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