Flamboyant female singer Akothee.

Flamboyant female singer Akothee has managed to wow her fans with the lyrics of her new song Yuko Moyoni released last week on Friday.

The song praise the virtues of a black woman who regardless of all the stigmas and what is said about being black, has been able to capture the heart of a foreigner who does all he can to marry her.

“Love is a beautiful thing, begin with loving yourself. Black is Beautiful, Black is Gold, Call it ebony, an expensive and priceless color. Love You for You, Your partner will come at the right time,” wrote Akothee on YouTube.

Akothee shows her mastery of Kiswahili by flawlessly using words that flow, and with double meanings – wenye uchungu, mwende maternity sisi musitupange, maana chungu kimepata mpini wacheni akitwange – so goes one verse in the song.

The video was shot in South Africa in a jungle where the foreigner who poses as a tourist sees Akothee and is love struck.

Amazingly, despite being three months pregnant at the time of the video shoot, Akothee still showcases her dancing prowess with some very difficult dance moves.

However, as good as the song and video are, some of her fans could not overlook the fact that the singers vocals are still letting her down.

Other are of the feeling that she sings with an open voice that makes her end up shouting, not to mention that the fact that in all of her songs she has to talk at the end.


Author: mogesi

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