Is blogger Kefah Onyinkwa’s life in danger?

The arrest and release of blogger Kefah Onyinkwa. We still strongly judge that this case was politically set off and well orchestrated by some leaders who have different approach to freedom of speech to overawe anti-leaders bloggers.

Such antediluvian acts have no space in our contemporary society.

Freedom to express opinions freely is an elemental election of any egalitarian society. We restate our advice to the government to stop discriminatory application of the law to curtail the free exchange of ideas. The seizure and terrorization of bloggers has a chilling effect on the media and Kenyans right to freedom of expression. Any civil leader that strives in any comportment to disallow any citizen this right has no business being in power.

After we successfully secured the release of Kefah Onyinkwa on  bail, he still feels treatened after some boda boda guys trailed him to know where he lives.He posted the sickening post on his Facebook account and we all know what has been said can not be just pushed away. We urge the state to make certain that bloggers rights are followed  without undermining their freedom of speech in accordance with the Kenya’s constitution.We will continue conveying our views without fear of repression. We will constructively use the new media to provide checks and balances on the regime in power. No country can ever prosper if its citizens are not given to express themselves freely.

We will stand against violence and intimidation . We will stand for the rights and dignity of all human beings” –Barrack Obama


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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