ALLIWA DAVID appreciate all friends who came together during the farewell of DOROTHY NYAKERARIO SITIMA AT OMOGOCHORO NYAMIRA COUNTY .


Wasn’t easy but we thank God that she Dorothy Nyakerario lived amongst us.
I thank all my brothers and sisters from Gusiiland for the unity you got and more allowing me in your midst on Thursday to be the main Mcee as we paid our farewell to one us.To all from the ones who were on the ground Dorothy Nyanchama,Bloom and the entire team that I met at the morgue,KU comrade,Utalii College,MCA Ben,Kisii University comrades,my friends,Clinton Mwaniki, Otao,Joseph Simba,Bonny B,all Kisii great artiste and musician,Samora and all friends asanteni sana.Report I received all went well as planned.Im proud to be associated and humbled.
More than all let’s keep it Christ in all.












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