I will face my opponents “Man to Man” – Kisii county governor James Ongwae.

Kisii leaders appear to be more divided over the unity talks driven by Senator Chris Obure and seven other MPs.Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi is the secretary of the group spearheading the talks.“I’m watching with keen interest the unfolding events but I’m not worried by the agenda which, as it seems, targets my office. Some of these politicians think they will be re-elected unopposed,” Governor James Ongwae said.“They seem to forget that there will be politicians standing against them who will support Ongwae. Nobody has the Omogusii vote in their pockets. Kisiis are very brilliant and will vote for people based on competence.” Ongwae said he is no pushover and he will face with his opponents “man to man” in the 2017 polls. He spoke on Egesa FM, a vernacular radio station owned by Royal Media Services.The governor spoke as more politicians and political analysts dismissed the unity talks. Kisii Leaders Consultative Forum secretary Lucas Mogoa yesterday said the talks are aimed at resuscitating the dwindling careers of some politicians.“That is an old crop of politicians who are pushing for their re-election in 2017 after performing disastrously in their respective constituencies. They are trying to use these unity talks to get handouts from State House,” he said.Mogoa said no unity can be driven by the old guard.“We would be happier if it was driven by a new crop of leaders and not people who have been around for decades,” he added.Lawyer Edward Begi concurred with Mogoa, noting that the unity talks area meant to drive a personal agenda.“Who divided us? Why do we always have unity talks just before elections?” he asked. Obure is facing a court case over the Anglo Leasing scandal, while another unity talks proponent, Kitutu Chache South MP Richard Onyonka, is also facing a court case. “The two are facing court cases and the agenda may be personal and not Omogusii unity,” Begi said. He questioned why leaders from Nyamira, Ongwae, professionals and businesspeople have been left out of the talks.On Friday, the leaders began a series of rallies at Otamba in Nyaribari Chache to rally the community. Later this month, they head to Bonchari and Bomachoge Borabu.Ford People national chairman Albert Nyaundi defended the unity talks, saying his party has been advocating the same.Bomachoge Borabu MP Joel Onyancha said nobody has been left out of the unity talks.“The door is still open for those willing to join us,” he said.


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