Mtengo denies planning to ditch ODM for Jubilee after getting Sh150 million.

Malindi MP WIlly Mtengo (C) with his supporters during a press conference, July 19 2016.

Malindi MP Willy Mtengo has dismissed claims that he intends.  to defect from ODM to the ruling Jubilee Party .The MP told a press conference in his office on Tuesday that some ODM members are peddling the rumors to achieve their political ambitions.Mtengo pointed a finger at Kilifi woman representative Aisha Jumwa who has declared interest in his seat.He claimed Jumwa and her allies were spreading the rumor that he was given Sh150 million to ditch ODM.The MP, who has been in office for four months, termed the allegations “mere propaganda meant to tarnish my name”. “It has come to my attention that some people are peddling cheap rumors that I have ditched ODM for Jubilee,” he said. “I wish to categorically refute these claims and tell my supporters that I am firmly in ODM and there to stay.” Mtengo added that he talked to ODM minority chief Whip Thomas Mwadegu about the allegations but that he denied being behind them. Mtengo, who won the seat in a landslide vote, said Malindi has an MP elected on an ODM ticket and that anyone seeking the post should do so once Parliament is dissolved. “Malindi has natives who will elect their own because we do not have a shortage of leaders that would lead us to import,” he said.”The people are not as cheap as you think. Go and seek elective posts elsewhere.”The MP told ODM party not to interfere with Malindi politics and ensure justice prevails during nominations in 2017.“If the party frustrates me during the nominations I will go back to my people to seek advice and go as per their decision,’’ he said.It was reported that the MP had moved due to frustrations within the party .In a quick rejoinder, Jumwa denied saying Mtengo took the money but said she came across the news on social media.Regarding nominations, she told the MP not to panic as the exercise will be fair.“Nominations will be conducted fairly. All those contesting should come on board when the time comes and the winner shall be known,” she said.Jumwa, who campaigned for Mtengo during the by-election, boasts of support by four out of the five MCAs in the constituency and a majority followers.


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