Senator Njoroge accuses DP Ruto of demeaning Luhya community leaders.

Senator Njoroge file photo

Nominated Senator Paul Njoroge has accused DP William Ruto of insulting members of the Luhya community.

At a press conference, Njoroge claimed the trend jeopardises efforts made by President Uhuru Kenyatta to unite the country. Over the weekend, the DP made the           ” Kumangamanga na Waluhya” (loitering with Luhyas) in reference to Bomet Senator Gideon Moi working with members of the Luhya community.

“It is outrageous that such a high profile leader can use such outrageous remarks against a community which has [chosen] its political path,” Njoroge said. Njoroge said the DP and other uncertain forces were taking advantage of the current political realignment to create more rifts in the Western region. “ODM has its own challenges just like Jubilee. Let them be allowed to solve their own problems instead of using external forces to cause more trouble,” he said.

He said its ironic for Uhuru and his deputy to purport to be working together to unite the country yet Ruto was belittling leaders from other regions.

“I am a leader just like him and my aim is to clean our house. We do not want to put this country in an awkward situation as a result of reckless statements like the ones used by deputy president,” Njoroge said.

Njoroge further accused DP of misleading voters, especially in the Central region that 2017 had already been sealed.

“Let us not lie to each other: there are no Kikuyu or Kalenjin votes put in a basket somewhere for either Uhuru or Ruto; they have to sell their policies to gain voter confidence,” Njoroge said.


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