JubileeJubilee won’t make room for you, Kaluma tells ODM rebels.

An ODM lawmaker has accused Jubilee of trying to “buy off” politicians to weaken the party.

Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma said ODM legislators “on the verge of being bought” will not be accommodated in the Jubilee coalition.

He said they should be prepared to make an about-turn when they fail to secure the positions they have been promised.

“I see a situation where Cord, especially ODM, will emerge stronger when Jubilee fails to accommodate the people they buy,” Kaluma said.

He urged opposition legislators to stay in the coalition because they cannot be sure of their future in Jubilee.

Speaking to the Star on the phone, Kaluma said Jubilee is using public resources to destabilise the opposition strongholds ahead of next year’s general election.

“It is in the public domain that Jubilee has set aside goodies to trap Cord leaders with the aim of weakening the opposition. But our team members must watch out for such suitors who may turn to hunt them,” he said.

Kaluma questioned why Jubilee is out to break up Cord, especially in areas where ODM has huge support, if it [Jubilee] is sure of its popularity across the country.


He said the ruling coalition is preparing Cord for a major victory in 2017.

Kaluma said the opposition will not be shaken by its rival’s tactics.

“Kenyans understand the Jubilee trickery, so I am sure it is making the opposition become stronger than before.

We are telling them to prepare for Cord’s landslide victory when the time comes,” Kaluma said.

ODM faces rebellion by some party members. Secretary general Ababu Namwamba and vice chairman Paul Otuoma have resigned. They said the party has frustrated them, but they remain members


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