Cece sagini’s new song Ensobosobo.

            ​Cece Sagini
​Cece Sagini’s previous tracks I’m A Doer ft Octopizzo and 9 to 5 , might have catapulted her to the limelight, and this time she’s back with an even bigger conceptual record.

Cece takes an unusual approach by adopting African arts in her latest release Ensobosobo .

The audio, produced by the adept Jaaz Odongo, is a fusion of brilliant vocals and ethereal instrumentation.

The obokano, a Kisii traditional instrument played by guest traditional artiste Nyang’au, is one of the key reasons why this track stands out.

The track, a mix of Kisii, Swahili and English, is a blend of traditional and modern sound – that’s its strong spot.

Moses Osidiana, the video director,

does a tremendous job on the video which is an impressive blend of African artistry and culture.

The video details a love story between two individuals which is marred by

conflict, and later the protagonist in the drama emerges victorious.

Cece’s lyrics compare the man she loves to a sweet wild fruit (ensobosobo) that is rare to find.

There’s undoubtedly a major talent on show here as she display overwhelming creative freedom.

The track is a phenomenal listen (something we don’t get to hear a lot) that certainly places her as one of the mature artistes in Kenya.


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