DP Ruto is a dictator, i won’t join Jubilee, Bomet governor says.

Bomet governor Issac Rutto has asked deputy president William Ruto to stop insulting leaders and forcing them to join Jubilee party.

He said the DP should instead focus on his work, adding that he (governor) had no business following him around.

Uhuru Kenyatta ako na kazi yake na deputy pia ako na kazi yake. Sasa yeye akitembea anataka nifuate yeye. Wewe fanya kazi bwana acha upuzi,” Rutto said.

Loosely translates to ( The President has his work and so does his deputy. So he (Ruto)wants me to follow him, wherever he goes. Do your work, and stop this foolishness).

The DP toured the region to launch the Silibwet-Olenguruone tarmac road, Bomet town street lighting and power connection project in villages. The governor skipped all the events.

The Bomet governor said he had no business following Ruto as he launches a road that President Uhuru Kenyatta had already launched.

Fanya kazi yako bwana wacha kutusi viongozi wengine. Mimi sina haja ya kuenda kufuata yeye akienda kulaunch bara bara,” he said.

( Do your work and stop insulting leaders. I do not have to follow you around when launching a road).

Speaking at a public rally in Bomet on Saturday, Rutto said the DP should stop trying to take credit for projects in Bomet county.

After four years amekuwawapi? sisitumesemaatuingiiJubille…anatulazimishatuingieJubillee..nani ananichagua ni wale wa Nairobi ama ni nyinyi,” he added.

(Where has he been for the last for years, we will not join Jubilee. Who will elect us, voters in Nairobi or Bomet?)

Rutto’s remarks were echoed by Kuresoi MP Zakayo Cheruiyot and Emurrua Dikirr MP Johanna Ngeno.

On July 20, DP Rutto criticised Ruto for claiming he opposed construction of a university in the county.Rutto said the DP, who visited Bomet on Friday, should have asked what derails the construction, rather than “resorting to insults”.

Speaking in Kipsabul Secondary School in Chepalungu constituency, Rutto said “leadership is about being consultative, not arrogant”.

On July 18, the DP, while addressing residents at Silibwet Stadium, said the next Bomet governor will be from Jubilee.

Amid cheers from the crowd, the DP said: “Those who might encounter my friend let him know this is a Jubilee zone”.On July 17, Rutto said he had no apologies for missing Ruto’s tour of the county as he was notified too late.


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