Kogelo disowns Obama’s half brother Malik over his Trump endorsement.

Malik Obama, the half brother to U.S. President Barack Obama. (PHOTO: COURTESY)

A village associated with US President Barack Obama has distanced itself from remarks made by one Malik Obama.Mr Malik, a half-brother of Mr Obama, condemned the President’s eight-year-rule of the US, saying he had not achieved much and that he was responsible for the killing of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Malik has been widely quoted on international media as endorsing the election of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the forthcoming US elections “because President Obama’s eight-year-old rule has been a disappointment”.

President Obama, his family and supporters have thrown their weight behind fellow Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, leaders from Kogelo accused Malik of embarrassing the Obama family through unfortunate and self-seeking statements.Led by former civic leader and community spokesman, Nicholas Rajula, the Kogelo clan dismissed Malik as “a loose talker and an attention seeker”.”He is just seeking the attention of the international community and the media. We disown him because what he is saying does not reflect the feeling and aspirations of Kogelo village,” Mr Rajula said.


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