Who will help  Valerie Kerubo Mokua before she goes blind?

I’m Valerie Kerubo Mokua, a 16 years old Form Four student at Ichuni Girls High School, Kisii County. I come from Nyakongo Village, Ikobe Sub-Location, West Mugirango, Nyamira County.

One morning in 2013 i woke up to a nightmare which i didn’t know will put the rest of my life in darkness and tears. It happened when i was in Form one back in the year 2013, 3rd term. That morning i felt that my eyes weren’t okay. Immediately i sort for medical attention from the school clinic. On the same day the school medic refereed me to Kisii Referral Hospital for further medical checkup. I was diagnosed with myopia a which the doctor described as near-sightedness and short-sightedness, a condition of the eye where the light that comes in does not directly focus on the retina but in front of it, causing the image that one sees when looking at a distant object to be out of focus. I was put under medication and given spectacles.

I opened a new chapter of using glasses to help me do what i love most, reading. September 2015 my left eye developed complications and the spectacles couldn’t help me much. I sort medication at Kisii Eye Hospital, Nyanchwa, where the resident doctor recommended eye cornea transfer. My problems worsened because my parents couldn’t afford the Ksh’s 150 for me to be put under the required medical attention.

By this time my parents had exhausted all the little amount they could raise from their small scale business activities and i couldn’t go back to school because of lack of sufficient funds to service my school fees. Lucky, the school management allowed me back to school despite the huge arrears i had accumulated as school fees.


One day on May 2015, my left eye Cornea broke completely while in school. I was taken to Kikuyu PCEA mission Hospital, where i was put under medication. The Doctor advised that i was to be under medication for some time to allow my eye regain and be ready for actual treatment (Cornea transplant). I left the Hospital after some days and was having regular visits to the hospital during the month of June. Early July this year the doctor recommended that i was ready for eye surgery which will lead to my treatment at a cost of Ksh’s 0.8million.

As i speak today, my remaining aye is developing complications. My days are becoming darker and darker day in day out. My hope of being ophthalmologist ( Doctor who specializes in eye conditions) diminishes every minute i live on earth. The doctors statement that i may lose sight completely in few days if i won’t get urgent cornea surgery wears me out and makes me almost give up. As i sit next to my fathers radio i eagerly wait that this voice will bring hope again in my life, when anybody knocks at my parents home where am lying helplessly, i jump in expectation of a possible miracle to put me out of this dark nightmare.

I narrate this to whoever who has put this in writing having faith that this will bring back my sight and end my sleepless nights. My wish is that i would have had an opportunity to have laid my little fingers on that same pen and paper recording my most desperate moments, not to do a similar thing, but to do something which will bring hope to the hopeless. I know all will be well, i have faith in the hand of the blessed. I need your blessings for me to get back to school and revise for my oncoming exams due 3 months.

When i read Valarie’s story on The Standard Newspaper July 20th 2016, Wednesday, my heart went burning all day. I sort to get a fast, first way to chip in and assist the young brilliant girl achieve her big ambitions to live to her expectations. appealing to all well wishers to help Valerie get to class again. Jackline Mireri a Business Manager at the Standard Group was touched by the story and for her love for humanity she invited me to accompany her visit the girl at her home in Nyamira where she was able to file the story above for purposes of publication and clarity. Having lengthy discussions with the girl, i can confirm her determined spirit to overcome her woes and be an important person in society, she is heaven sent. For her confidence and smile even in times of desperation gives a description to a wonderful great soul in place.

You don’t need loads of cash to help. Check your M-Pesa balance. You have 204 bob? Send it. You have a loose 4K that you will burn by end of today? Send it. You have 130-bob? Mpesa it. It will mean a lot to me.

PAYBILL NO: 773813


MPESA LINE: 0704031319. ( KEPHA MOKUA MOKAYA) Father to Valarie.

May God Bless you as you put generous hand into your pocket to help.

Edited Generali Osumo Jnr.


Father Kepha Mokaya- 0704031319


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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