We have not joined Jubilee -Chris Obure and Company.

Chris Obure
A section of Kisii leaders who met with President Uhuru Kenyatta have denied claims that they have joined Jubilee.

Kisii Senator Chris Obure said the meeting with the President and his deputy William Ruto at State House, Nairobi, only discussed their region’s development.

He said they would only think of defection if the people demand it.

“However, as things stand now, we are still in our respective parties. But later, if the people of Kisii ask us to move, we will have no choice but do so,” said Dr Obure, the chairman of the region’s ODM affiliate parties.

Obure said they decided to meet President Kenyatta and Mr Ruto after ODM failed to champion development in Kisii.“It is a fact that the CORD leadership has taken too long to listen to us. That is why we have decided to work with the Government to realise development, especially in infrastructure, in Kisii,” said Obure.

Other ODM leaders from the region who attended the meeting were Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi and Kitutu Chache MP Richard Onyonka.

MPs Stephen Manoti (Bobasi), Richard Tongi (Nyaribari Chache), Elijah Muhindi (Nyaribari Masaba), Joel Onyancha (Bomachage Borabu), Simon Ogari (Bomachage Chache), Jim Ongwenyi (Kitutu Chache North), Zebedayo Opole (Bonchari) and former Constitution Implementation Commission chairman Charles Nyachae, were also present.


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One thought on “We have not joined Jubilee -Chris Obure and Company.”

  1. Mr.Obure and your friends, what took you to statehouse statehouse is you stomachs! The ODm you are condemning choose you are its representatives.Telling us that ODM has failed you in development means “You” as odm leaders you have failed to do your mandated work.Why should we choose you as our leaders since you have failed us? We as OMOGUSII we are not stupid .

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