What you need to know about those for Kisii Unity-by Simba Caleb

After failing to attract grassroots support ”Obomo Bw’Omogusii” bandwagon political opportunists group made of conmen, old school and Nyayo era orphans resolved for Uhuru Kenyatta’s help to popularize their castrated, crippled, stinking, wounded and barbaric political outfit. They hurriedly schemed for a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House Nairobi.

Uhuru instead sent his State House Chief of Staff Joseph Kinyua and personal assistant Jomo Gecaga to chair the meeting. They walked out of State house as a frustrated lot to Serana Hotel for a press briefing. They discussed the group’s intention and success to the community which was all lies founded on political snuggery and barbarism.

1) Met the president to discuss development and request for more appointments to the sons and daughters of the region.

Chris Obure being the elected Senator Kisii County knows his roles as follows:

a). Represent the Kisii and serve to protect the interests of the counties and their governments

b).Considering, debating and approving Bills concerning counties

c).Determine allocation of national revenue among counties and provide oversight over national revenue allocated to counties

d).Approve or reject a resolution of the National Assembly to remove the president or deputy president from office.

There’s nowhere in the Constitution written that the Senator’s role will be leading delegations to state House to beg for State appointments.

Devolution promulgated in 2013 culminated the culture of bowing down for positions and resources instead it jerked inn an equal distribution of resources no matter the political side.The last time Obure led a delegation to state House to request for state appointments what kisiis got was the appointment of

5 Nyachae family members to prime state jobs. I don’t know after this meeting whose family is being bargained for state appointments. We want to remind the president that he has a constitutional duty of defending the Country’s supreme law which defines the president as the symbol of peace and unity not a member of a political party or political grouping.

2) Met the President to ask for development where he(President) agreed to visit the region on 1st August to launch development projects.

This is typical comedy. Uhuru Kenyatta recently toured Kisii with his deputy in the name of launching development projects.

Question: How many of those projects have been completed? Sorry how many of those projects have been initiated so far?

All the contractors with their equipments left 2 days after Uhuru left Kisii and have never come back to work on the so called launched projects. How do you re-launch a project 2, 3, 4 5 times? This is stupidly ill.

Obure team’s ultimate intention is to have Kisii divided into factions/clans. The slogan ”Unity” is cosmetic. Kisii is not at war, we’re not war amongst, Kisiis are peaceful and objective.

They want to create disunity amongst our people by selectively appointing few individuals like they have done who will late radicalize their people against a particular then end up with stereotypes and shadow boxing politics as slowly witnessed.

Already a number of those criticizing the group have been arrested before, others beaten and many continue receiving threats.

This is only the genesis of disharmony, divisions, and anarchy amongst our People spearheaded by a team calling itself ”Omogusii Unity”.

The group went ahead yesterday and picked a woman who was a passing by at Serena and posed her before the media to show women representation.

It’s shameful, ill-advised, unfortunate and barbaric. The Kisii People must desist such schemers and political opportunists. Whose intention is to kill, divide and trade our People for selfish gains.


Author: mogesi

Simple guy ready to make a difference through writing

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