43 Countries Kenyans can travel to without a Visa not only a passport.

Here is a list of 43 Visa Free Countries for Kenyan Passport Holders.

  1. Antigua & Barbuda

  2. Bahamas

  3. Botswana

  4. British Virgin Islands

  5. Burundi

  6. Barbados

  7. Cayman Islands

  8. Comoros (obtained on arrival)

  9. Costa Rica

  10. Dominica

  11. Dominican Republic (obtained on arrival)

  12. Ethiopia (365 Days allowed Visa Free)

  13. Fiji (120 Days)

  14. Grenada

  15. Ghana

  16. Haiti

  17. Hong Kong

  18. Jamaica

  19. Lesotho

  20. Macau (Apply on entry for 30 days and renew every 30 days after that)

  21. Malaysia

  22. Malawi

  23. Micronesia (30 Days)

  24. Montserrat (180 Days)

  25. Namibia (Tourist Visa Not required, Business Visa required)

  26. Nauru

  27. Panama (obtained on arrival)

  28. Philippines (21 Days)

  29. Rwanda

  30. Saint Helena

  31. Saint Kitts & Nevis

  32. Saint Vincent Grenadines

  33. Samoa

  34. Seychelles

  35. Singapore

  36. Swaziland

  37. Tanzania

  38. Trinidad & Tobago

  39. Tuvalu

  40. Uganda

  41. Vanuatu

  42. Zambia

  43. Zimbabwe


Residents of kisii county will hold peaceful demo over poor road .


Tomorrow (Tuesday 13/09/2016 ) Residents of kisii county will hold peaceful demo over poor road …..The peaceful demo will Start from Nyamataro – Nyatieko – Daraja mbili market to Kisii Town.
Kisii town–Nyambera- Nyamataro road is in a totally bad condition it has holes and area MP has done nothing to help.
The residents of Kisii county have always complained . Kisii town–NYambera-Nyamataro road is impassable and is in bad condition and appealed to Kitutu Chache South Member of Parliament Richard Onyonka to construct the road. This in not the first time they appealed to the MP to construct the road since he was re-elected in 2013 and nothing has been seen on the ground.
Yesterday three people died after they were hit by a truck at Nyakomisaro River Bridge in Kisii town–NYambera-Nyamataro road
Two pedestrians – a young man and his grandmother – and a pillion rider died.
The bad road caused the accident of the lorry which had left Kisii Central Business District.
The potholes caused one of the tires to burst hitting a boda boda rider and his passenger,”
Kisii Police Commander said the lorry lost its brakes when it hit a pothole “making it dance zigzag as it drove down the slope”.
According to my opinion, Kisii leaders should not deceive residents that certain roads are under county government or under national government let both of them work together to rehabilitate such roads for easy transport in the region
When Kitutu Chache South Member of Parliament Richard Onyonka was asked to take action and construct the road he claimed that the road should be constructed by the county since it is near to Kisii town for how long are we going to face such claims?

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg makes surprise visit to Kenya.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg eat lunch with Kenya CS Joe Mucheru at Mama Oliech’s in Yaya, Nairobi Photo/Zuckerberg Facebook

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in Kenya.

The 32-year-old Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist announced his arrival via his Facebook page where he pointed out that his mission is to meet with Kenyan entrepreneurs and developers and learn about mobile money.

The post read: “Just landed in Nairobi! I’m here to meet with entrepreneurs and developers, and to learn about mobile money — where Kenya is the world leader.

I’m starting at a place called

iHub , where entrepreneurs can build and prototype their ideas. Two of the engineers I met — Fausto and Mark — designed a system to help people use mobile payments to buy small amounts of cooking gas, which is a lot safer and better for the environment than charcoal or kerosene. It’s inspiring to see how engineers here are using mobile money to build businesses and help their community.”

Zuckerberg was also spotted at Mama Oliech’s eatery in Yaya, accompanied by ICT CS Joe Mucheru and PS Victor Kyalo.

“I had lunch in Nairobi with Joseph Mucheru, the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of Information and Communications. We talked about internet access and his ambitious plans for connecting everyone in Kenya.”

The billionaire praised Ugali, a popular Kenyan food, ” We ate at MAMA Oliech Restaurant. — a local place everyone recommended. One of my favorite parts of traveling to a new country is trying the food. I enjoyed ugali and a whole fried tilapia for the first time and loved them both!”

Zuckerberg’s surprise visit to Kenya comes after the one in Nigeria where he staged a surprise visit to the country’s economic capital Lagos on Tuesday.

Full list of MTV Video Music Awards as Beyonce dominates.

 Full list of 2016 VMA winners are as follows:

Video of the Year – Beyoncé – ‘Formation’

Best Female Video – Beyoncé – ‘Hold Up’

Best Male Video – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna ‘This Is What You Came For’

Best Collaboration – Fifth Harmony ft Ty Dolla Sign – Work From Home’

Best Hip Hop Video – Drake – ‘Hotline Bling’

Best Pop Video – Beyoncé – ‘Formation’

Song of the Summer – Fifth Harmony ft. Fetty Wap – All In My Head’

Best Rock Video – twenty one pilots – ‘Heathens’

Best Electronic Video – Calvin Harris & Disciples – ‘How Deep Is Your Love’

Breakthrough Long Form Video – Beyoncé – ‘Lemonade’

Best New Artist – DNCE

Best Art Direction – David Bowie – ‘Blackstar’

Best Choreography – Beyoncé – ‘Formation’

Best Direction – Beyoncé – ‘Formation’

Best Cinematography – Beyoncé – ‘Formation’

Best Editing – Beyoncé – ‘Formation’

Best Visual Effects – Coldplay – ‘Up&Up’

Church members storm Webuye county Mortuary to “resurrect” the dead.

Members of the Temple of God church when they stormed Webuye county hospital to resurrect the dead on Saturday.

There was drama at the Webuye county hospital on Saturday when faithful from Temple of God church stormed the facility’s mortuary “to resurrect the dead”.

Five members of the church of more than 200 members told the press that they had been sent by the holy spirit to pray for the sick, heal them and resurrect the dead.

Led by self-proclaimed prophet Daniel Wechuli, the five among them three ladies, claimed to have healed several people in western region through their prayers.

“We have been moving to various hospitals praying for the sick and most of then have been healed by faith,” Wechuli said.

He said that the holy spirit had spoken to them to come and resurrect people who had died prematurely.

“We are divine people who are anointed by the holy spirit to move to hospitals preaching and healing the sick without asking for any penny,” he said.

He said that the church is located at Mbande area, Kakamega county.

Caroline Wafula, a member of the church, said that they have led healing prayers for people living with disabilities and bodaboda riders.

“We want to show people the power of God in their lives through our church that has been healing and restoring lives to God,” she said.

She said that their task is only to pray and one’s faith is what matters if he wants to be healed.

“We have been to Malava hospital where we prayed and all the sick were healed and left the ward,” Wafula said.

She said that they started the prayers in July and have been to Vihiga, Kakamega and Malava where they have received overwhelming healing testimonies.

However, no one had resurrected by press time as the group kept on praying. Residents of Webuye jammed the facility to take a look at the strange incident.


  1. Banks will not charge interest rates of more than 4% over and above the base rate set by CBK on loans given to customers.
  2. Banks will pay an interest rate equivalent to 70% of the base rate set by CBK to any saving account that customers are holding with them.

  3. If , e.g, the base rate set by the CBK is 10%, interest rates on loans will not exceed 14%. If you borrow a 100k loan, you will not pay more than 14k in interest in one year.

  4. Additionally, if the base rate is 10%, banks will pay not less than 7%,interest on any saving account. If you have 100k in your saving account, you will receive not less than 7k in interest payment for one year.This means that that the base rate will be the stabilizing factor. If they raise it, they pay more money to those holding savings accounts and charge high rates to those taking loans. If they reduce it, they charge less interest rates to consumers and pay less to those holding saving accounts.Banks will have to find a balancing rate.

Assassination attempt on KTN investigative journalist Mohammed Ali .

​KTN Investigative Journalist Mohamed Ali Jicho Pevu has received death threat after the explosive expose of Jacob Juma’s murderer.

Ali is said to have been trailed by a Car from Nairobi CBD to Nyayo stadium, Bunyala road on his way to Standard Group offices in Mombasa road when a man riding on a motor cycle pointed a gun at his car, he is said to have speed off. The assassination scare comes just two days after his investigative series Jicho Pevu was aired on KTN.

In the expose, Ali revealed that six people have been murdered to aid in the cover up of the cold murder of anti-corruption activist Jacob Juma.