Let go and move on episode 5

“I was so worried about you, where did you go without saying?” Lissa asked her as she opened the door for her.Hellen seemed in good moods as she entered into the house, “I went to settle old scores with a pal.You know what Lissa, i faced him and told him to leave me a lone and stop following me ,i told him to his face that i am ready to move on completely without him” Hellen said as she sat on the became.Lissa went out to put some rubbish in the  bins and when she came back she came with news ” We have a visitor Hellen” she said. ” Who is he?” Hellen said jumping from bed and putting on her blouse. ” It’s Bonny” Lissa said ” What the hell does he want?” Hellen said. Knock knock knock knock, He knocked at the door, Lissa opened ” Hey Lissa, may i talk to Hellen ?” He asked. Hellen didn’t want to let him in so she came to the door ” Yes what is it Bonny?” she asked  ” Hi,I just wanted to have 30 minutes with you please and tell you something” he replied.” OK lets have a walk and make it 15″ she said ” I will be back Lissa” she said as she led the way out. “Now tell me whatever you wanted to tell me” she said .Meanwhile Jeff had come to look for Bonny only to find Lissa alone ” Hi Lissa did Bonny come this way?” he asked ” Yeah but they have gone with Hellen but they won’t take long” she replied. “Would you mind if i wait here for him” he aked .Lissa let him in and went on with her business.”Hellen, Bonny began, “I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable.You know I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all.It was just you.Hellen I want to be the friend you fall hopelessly in love with.I know you have been heartbroken and left with a scar to heal, i know that you have a baby from your previous relationship but that can’t make me not to love you, Hellen being heartbroken is not an excuse not to love again, its a reason why you should love strongly again. I’ve never fallen in love right off the bat. I get scared to say I love you too soon because it means so much. It means am real in love with you Hellen.Look , I love you, not because of what you have
but because of what I feels.. I care for you, not because you need care but because I want to.. I’m always here for you, not because i wan’t you to be with me but because i want to be with you..Hellen please Can i keep you and never let you go? Can i hold your hand and hug you tight? Can i tell the world how lucky i am to have you in my life? or simply, can you be mine for the rest of my life ?………………….episode 6


Let go and move on episode 4

“Hello James, i want to talk to you,” She said when she met James and his new girlfriend seated at the entrance of his house. ” Hey come on Hellen i know you have come to beg for a second chance'” He said
” I came to tell you it’s over, James” she said, ” I have not come here to beg you for your love and i can’t do such  thing! I gave you my whole heart, i took you and accommodated you in my heart look now, My heart is in a billion pieces ,my mind in chaos.Depression slowly enfolds … In the end you broke it into pieces.. After all the times you made me cry..
Your love was fake.I gave you love you gave me lust. I kept loving you everyday but you,you lusted for me day and night! You told me you loved me, I believed you. I loved
you, I loved you so much.It hurts that you lied to my heart! That doesn’t matter anymore.I have just forgotten that you were ever in my life completely. I want to eradicate you from my life. I want to rip your memory from my body; trade in the parts you claimed to love with such ardour. I want to erase every whispered sentiment, every passion
filled exclamation, every declaration of love.Because, as you claim,every such utterance was a lie. And oh, how you lied! Oh, how I believed. I
thought I could be free and safe. How wrong I was. Lulled into that false sense of security by a selfish, scared little boy who talked big but walked small.” She said all this as James sat giggling with her new girlfriend.” Is that all you got?” he asked. “Oh yes lover boy ,she began ,Please stay out of my way ,let me do what i wish and how i wish to do it.Also i remind you that i don’t need and support for the baby since i can work and feed her.From now on forget about me and forget about everything we have ever shared” She said and turned to go a way. James laughed out loud and said ” I know you with come begging for help but know i have a new babe here who loves me”  Hellen replied and said ” And so I walk away, taking my sore,embittered heart with me. I remove my light from your world for the simple reason that you never thought I would. And if you think your absence from my life will cause me to fall, to harm myself, or even to utter a cry of anguished sorrow, hear this: I have survived without you before. I will again.
Effortlessly.”………………….episode 5

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First move episode 3

Steve reached home to the delight of his brother ” Hey buddy how was your seminar, am here i go with you to my place” his brother Mike said ‘ It was awesome, we learned alot where is momma?” he asked “You can’t even sit down ?,the first this you ask is your mom? his father who had just come from the bedroom asked ! “Tell us about your seminar momma child” he joked ” Hey leave my baby alone ! how are you baby i missed you ?” her mother who had come from the kitchen hugged him ! “You must be hungry son ? sit down i bring you something to eat”, she said as she went back to the kitchen! ” I thought you were to suckle your babe first ?” his dad mocked and fell into laughter with his brother! Steve went to his room dropped his bag in bed and threw himself to bed, it has been two weeks away from home ,he felt better home now ” Ngrrrrr ngrrrrr! his phone rang when he looked at who was calling, it was Cathy “Hello, you cant even call to say you arrived safely?” she asked ” Oh ,i have just arrived now and i was to call you but you called! ” he replied, “When are going to your brothers home” She asked, ” “Oh he’s here” he has already come to pick me”….so i gonna go today He said hanging the phone.The days moved by and it was a day for their planned holiday to Mombasa! Everything had gone well according to their plans, they were to go together this time using a plane! Steve had booked the hotel rooms and everything was in place “Hey you fear Heights?’ Steve asked her ” Not real and you?” she asked back , “Yeah like hell!,I fear heights so much” he said and laughed easing himself…..”You know when i was a young boy’, he began ” We were playing back at the village with other boys, there was this tall tree at my grandfather’s field that we used to climb and swing on it’s branches,. We didn’t realize the danger on it. One day we as usual went to swing but this time we were not lucky, they branches failed to bear our weight and we came down still clinging on the broken branches! Many boys hurt themselves badly and were rushed to hospital.One boy was hurt badly and became unconscious, a stick had pierced through his stomach and needed operation, Do you know who was that? Its me ! See this mark? its where i hurt ” he said showing her the scar and she reached with her hand to touch it ! “Excuse me young man and Lady” the air hostess said “No sex  on the plane………….Episode 4

First move episode 2

“Do you know Bonface ? he asked her ” whose that?” she asked back ” come on ,are you not in Facebook? don’t you know this guy who writes awesome episodes in Facebook?” he asked ” Oh you mean D’blitz?” who doesn’t know him, that guy is a natural writer, he writes facts and lovely stories” she replied They talked much about there social lives and soon the bus was at the city, Being a Friday there were more cars than people and they had to stay for a half an hour in traffic before they reached the bus station where their families waited for them! “Bye Steve i will Holla you later” she shouted as their family car pulled out! “Ok i will be waiting” he replied as he closed the car door! “What’s holla” her dad asked ” Forget about it dad, its a youth talk,its our language”she replied smiling ” You young kids have spoiled our beautiful language, nowadays you can talk something that we cant even understand” her mom snapped in as all fell in laughter! She tuned in the radio and the music from the local station hit her and she started singing along amidst her parents protest in the back seat it was a song by Randy Rogers “I will steal you away from him” I could see you standing with him
He ain’t holdin’ your hand like he should He ain’t listenin’ to a word you say
He doesn’t look at you the way I would I should steal you away I’ve been wondering
How you’re looking at me Thinking how it might be If you were mine Girl, it drives me crazy
He don’t know what he’s got I’ve been fightin’ so hard Not to cross the line I should steal you away
I should steal you away In the middle of the night Come take your heart I should steal you away
I could see us Walking out that door Not looking back As we roll down the road……….Episode 3

First Move Episode 1

She sat silently in the bus, in front of her sat the boy she had been admiring for a long time! How will she keep silent and not tell him how she felt! “Am not going to sit here and keep silent” she said , mmmm she made her voice ” So When you reach Nairobi where will you go?” she asked him “I will see my brother in Karen ,stay there for a few days then go for my holiday in Mombasa” Steve replied,” What about ” he asked ” I don’t have much this holiday, just around” she said ! Inside her mind she was thinking how she will talk him to what she intended, she summoned her courage and said ” Maybe i will join you in Mombasa if you don’t mind” “Sure we can look into it” he replied , Yes!she will have a chance to tell him how she felt . she thought….Now as she lived in Livingston she would perfect her planning well over the days that she heard he was to be at his brother’s home, After all her father is a well known politician which was an added advantage of loitering the neighborhood! ” How are we going to communicate Steve? You know i kinda lost your number, may i have yours please? she said handing him her cell phone, the screen saver was of her best photo! Steve smiled and said ‘you look lovely’ “am i thanks ” she replied Now she knew what exactly to do,she will dress to impress him! He dialled his number and called using her phone ” hello who is this ? Cathy! oh i remember you!” he made a mock call pretending she was the one calling, they broke into a loud laughter and everyone at the bus stared at them… they continued on their way talking of their trip to seminar they had attended and about their political father’s .He suddenly asked…………..Episode 2


Githurai NAZIGI sacco bus have been found guilty of robbery with violence and sexual assault. Nicholas Mwangi and Meshack Mburu robbed the 21 year old woman valuables worth more than
Sh 41,000 before stripping and sexually assaulting her inside their bus.The two have already filed an appeal .

Let go and move on episode 3

Despite Bonny’s effort to be calm ,he couldn’t start the conversation.” I think i should be on my way bye” Hellen said and started going. “No please i have something to tell you” Bonny began,” Hellen i honestly love you!” he finally said ” Me! You love me? Hehehe what do you mean that you love me,? you have just talked to me in a few minutes and here you are telling me you love me?” Hellen said ” I  think you should’ve said you have admired me! anyway am not after any love for now. Am healing from a heart break and i don’t want any man in my life. Am comfortable the way i am” she said . “But Hellen you can’t be the same, you can allow yourself to love again! i honestly feel that you are the right woman for me,i don’t want to know what people have to say but i need you to give me your heart please” Bonny said ” Do you want me to fall into your lies? eeh ,all men are the same!!! “Anyway am not going to buy any lies again, bye and find someone else to love ” she said . As she joined Lissa then they go,James appeared accompanied with a Lady. They were holding hands.”Hey i can see you have found a new boyfriend congratulations.” He said blocking her way .He seemed that he had been drinking. “I want to pass please and if you move a side i will on my way” Hellen said. Lissa had joined them . ” I move!!e James move for a whore to pass hahahaha” he said laughing. ” Hey you let her pass” Bonny said. ” What if i don’t? ” James asked ” What will you do?” “Kiss me or give me your mom and sister?” Bonny rushed and grapped him by his shirt collar but Jeff was quick to prevent the shoving. Hellen and Lissa got a chance of walking away and Jeff led Bonny go home while cursing. ” What’s wrong with you Bonny? how can you fight over a girl? There are many girls out there my friend” Jeff said. “Shut up Jeff Hellen is not other girls, she’s special ” he said to him.Meanwhile Hellen went home a disappointed person. ” Why can’t he leave me alone? He has a girl and i don’t care! She said. “I have an idea”. She took a paper and a pen and started writing a letter on it,

Hey James;
I know you want nothing to do with me.  I know you have moved on, and will continue to lead your life the way you have before – to meet the expectations of those that depend on you and to meet your own.  I suspect that whatever love,
affection, and friendship that you once adorned for me now consists of hate, spite, and anomisity
– undestandably so, since without closure these provide the best and fastest way for you to move on.  And initially, it worked for me too.
I gave my heart to you completely
Without holding back or being afraid This was my own personal gift to you My heart was yours to take In the months that passed you nurtured it and
held it close In one day you shattered it You ripped my heart from yours and trampled on it.All i need from you noe is to depart from my life completely and let me go on with my life. Hope with this you would realise i have completely gotten over you bye.She put the letter in here jacket pocket and went out leaving………………………….. Episode 4 (coming soon)